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Nyidinghu, Australia

Aussie Throwback Blog: Adventure! Part Two

May 12, 2014 | Ramblings | by Jamie Stott

so i was home a total of 14 hours before getting on another plane to fly up north for work. not ideal lol. six am monday morning i was waiting on my curb with a mug of hot coffee waiting for my cab to the airport. cabbies in perth are sneaky. they hear my accent […]

Aussie Throwback Blog: In the Bush

February 19, 2014 | Ramblings | by Jamie Stott

greetings from the field! or as the aussies call it, the bush ­čÖé ive only been out since monday but i feel like a lot has happened so i wanted to cram it all on┬áthe blog┬ábefore i forgot everything. my memory is completely shot, not quite sure how that happened,┬ábut if its this gnarly at […]

Bundled to the EXTREME! Lol

Devils Playground

September 30, 2013 | Ramblings | by Jamie Stott

Last week I had the (very cold) pleasure of doing fieldwork in northern Utah at a place very near Devils Playground. First off, let me say that the entire area is GORGEOUS! Its your typical desert scene, but with all these wind worn rocks crammed everywhere. I am definitely going back with the man and […]