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Woohoo for Websites!

February 18, 2013, by Jamie Stott, category

photoLet me be the first to say….


Super stoked to have this finally up and running! I am so excited to be here and cant wait to share my creative juicy-ness with you. Like the Home page said, I am working on my first fictional novel. I’ll post more information about The Book as it evolves and takes shape.

If any of you have ever written a book, you know what a daunting and massive process it can be. I plan on sharing my writing woes and triumphs with you all here in the Latest News section.

I also plan on publishing weekly fictional short stories on The Blog. Since I am an archaeologist, I figured it would be interesting to use what I know about history and artifacts to wow and entertain you. I plan on publishing these stories each Friday, and they will feature an artifact or piece of art from around the globe. The stories will be fictional creations about the history, or back-story for the featured artifact or piece of art. I figure science can explain what really happened, but sometimes its just fun to imagine what could have happened.

I have linked the shit out of everything, so feel free to stalk , er, I mean, Follow me as you wish. My work is only as good as the people who enjoy it.

I want to thank Shane for all his help making this site possible. He is the business master website dominator extraordinaire. I couldn’t have done this without you.

I also want to thank Cara Love Photography for taking some amazing professional photos. You rock girl.

And lastly, I want to thank everyone who had to listen to me jabber on and on about my writing dreams and the creative process. You know who you are. Thanks for not blocking me on Facebook or rejecting my calls when I got annoying. Haha.





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