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Really Gotta Wanna: A Snowboarding Documentary Review

December 4, 2014, by Jamie Stott, category

Really Gotta WannaIt’s been a hot minute since I’ve gotten a chance to write about snowboarding. I was really excited when Slug Magazine asked me to review the documentary Really Gotta Wanna. The entire film was shot by pro rider, Seth Hill, so it feels very authentic. However, whenever a cool project pops up, you can almost guarantee that big sponsor names want to be affiliated, and it wasn’t long before the film was backed by Red Bull Snow.

I was super stoked on the first half of this documentary, it was different from anything I’ve ever seen and had a lot of original material. I was blown away by the amount of effort that goes into competitions, and was thoroughly impressed with Scott Stevens and his dedication to nail a new trick.

Wanna know what I thought about the last half of the documentary? Read my review by clicking the photo, or clicking HERE to find out.


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