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Archaeology Teaching Lab: Environment & Vegetation

May 7, 2014, by Jamie Stott, category

NOTE TO EDUCATORS: the plants used in this presentation are specific to Utah and more widely, the Great Project Discovery Lab 4Basin. 

As mentioned in a previous post, I am now the Program Archaeologist for Project Discovery. Over next few months I will be using grant money to put together a series of presentations designed to educate students about all aspects of archaeology. A lot of time and effort are going into these presentations and there is no reason to keep the finished products all to myself.

The fourth presentation is:


We paired this lab with actual plant samples so that the students could touch and smell what they were learning. We also used this lab as a platform to teach students how to use a compass.

If you’d like a copy of the presentation, please email me via the CONTACT submission form.

Cheers and happy educating!


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